Smartspace are one of the leading manufacturers of modular office buildings in the UK. We offer bespoke, prefab office buildings that are constructed to meet and exceed your specific needs and requirements of your business.
Our portable office buildings come in a various layouts and sizes and cost a considerable amount less than your traditional builds which is one of the main reasons they’re becoming increasingly popular across the United Kingdom. Our multi storey modular buildings are ideal for growing companies.

Obtaining a new office environment in the form of a modular office building can guarantee you the ideal economic, eco-friendly solution for temporary or long term growth.
Our differentiate from competitors is that our structure can be installed on project zones therefore we have the flexibility to adapt and create a customized design according your requirements.
Our structures are based on light steel frames sfs, where with our own insulation system we can create any scale of office buildings both economical and ecofriendly. We can ensure the office space meets your needs by including a reception, toilet facilities and kitchen for your staff and client’s usage.
Therefore, smartspace can create custom-made office buildings to suit your needs.
prices depends of the scale of project .